What is this study all about?

We want to hear how you get around: How do you travel? How far do you go? How much does it cost? Our goal is to get a complete picture of transportation patterns to better plan for future improvements in your community.

Why should I participate?

Your participation ensures that households like yours are represented in our regional transportation plans. (The gift card at the end helps too!)

Who is sponsoring this study?

This study is sponsored by the Metropolitan Council in partnership with Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.


How much time does it take to participate?

It takes 15 minutes to begin and determine your next steps. Households that complete the study on their smartphones will take about 5 minutes per day for one week to report their travel. Households that complete the study online or by phone will take about 10 minutes to report their travel.

How was I selected to participate?

Invited households were selected at random from the greater Twin Cities region.

What do I get for participating?

Everyone who lives with you must participate to receive a gift card for your household. The gift card amount will depend on how you participate. Households that complete the study on their smartphones will receive $15 per adult (e.g., a household with two adults receives $30). Households that complete the study online or by phone will receive one $10 gift card per household.

I was asked to use the study smartphone app (rMove). How does it work?

rMove collects travel and trip information from invited participants. Participants who use rMove should keep their phones with them any time they travel during their study period.

What if I don't travel much?

Any amount of travel (including no travel) will help us improve regional transportation planning. Don't forget that short trips, such as walking the dog, count too.

What if my transportation habits during the study aren't my "typical" habits?

That's no problem - we still encourage you to participate. We'll also ask how you typically travel.


How is my personal privacy protected?

We will not disclose or share personal information we collect from you except as required by law. To read the full privacy policy for this study, click here.

How will the study results be used?

The data collected will help the local and regional planners to understand how day-to-day travel varies across the region. As technologies and the way people get around continue to change, the results of the study will help agencies propose practical transportation investments, produce competitive federal grant applications, and prioritize the improvements that best fit regional needs.